Ceramitech Bottom Brackets

Better by design

“I use BBInfinite to get bikes rolling to the maximum of their designed potential.”

-Andrew Starykowicz World Record Holder, Ironman and 1/2 Ironman bike splits

The pressfit bottom bracket - from problem to perfection

these video shorts will help you understand the challenges of the modern pressfit bottom bracket, and why bbinfinite succeeds while others fail

Eliminating the frame's influence

Two-piece bottom brackets can never ensure perfect alignment.

The One-Piece Advantage

How we take control of the bearing alignment and stance.

Wave Washers = Drag

Take a closer look at how much energy you’re losing.

You will Go Faster!

When the wave washer can’t squeeze your bearings, you’ll get peak performance.

BBInfinite technology begins with ceramitech

Anatomy of hybrid ceramic performance

Performance that lasts

At the top of its game, even after 10,000 miles

Ceramitech Bottom Brackets vs ABEC-7 steel

Faster, no matter your skill level

What makes BBInfinite the Best?

The Pressfit bottom bracket in a modern composite frame offers the best performance possible, but only with these important innovations found only in a BBInfinite module:

Only BBInfinite offers these crucial innovations

Your crank was designed to deliver peak performance without shims and adapters. Now it can.

CERAMITECH bottom brackets are designed to the same exact engineering as your crank.

No more bearing distortion from an out-of-spec frame.

Twice the friction holds it in place, so your power flows more evenly into the crank.

Say good-bye to chain rub, dropped chains and over-reaching derailleurs.

Transfer your module from one frame to another. These are built to last.

Built to stand up to any tool, so servicing is easy and almost impossible to screw up.

Maintain your bike’s design with a module that looks as good as it works.

With no wave washer or external retaining clip, you’ll have the purest, quietest, most durable system possible.

All Shimano HollowTech cranks fit without adapters. You’ll get perfect shifts from all four trim positions.