What Mountain Bike Crank Set Do You Have?







Confirm the crank standard of the MTB crankset installed on your bike, or the one you intend to install on your bike, and select the appropriate mountain bike BB button above as follows for crank compatibility:

For ALL Shimano HollowTech II mountain bike crank sets, single, double, or triple, select “All Shimano MTB” button.

For ALL Gxp standard mountain bike cranks, single, double, or triple, select the “All GXP MTB” button.

For ALL 30mm spindle crank sets, select the “All 30mm spindle MTB” button.

After selecting the crank standard above, you will jump directly to the appropriate bottom bracket compatibility selector for that crank standard. For each crank set, the available bottom bracket sizes are:


Specialized OSBB Press Fit MTB

Press Fit 30 MTB (73mm)

Press Fit 30 MTB (83mm)


BB95 Trek MTB

All Threaded MTB BB’s

Now, please select the appropriate MTB bottom bracket above. Thank you.

Bottom Bracket Selection Guide